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We help brands build long lasting connections and deep relationships with their audiences through story telling, innovative marketing and creative advertising.

Strong Multicultural Connection
Adaptive & Innovative

Attention to Detail

Understanding our VALUES is the first step to seeing if we are a good match for your brand.

About Us

We Focus on helping Brands establish their Image, Connect with Customers and Create Engaging Campaigns that Convert.

What makes us different from your typical marketing agency? We pride ourselves on fostering a partnership with you and your business. We work very closely with your team along every step of the process to deliver on your key results. We are a versatile, fast moving team that focuses on innovative and strategic approaches that push the boundaries.

Our Services

We tailor our services to YOU!

We understand that every business has different and unique needs. We customize our services to match your objectives and deliver on the results you are looking to achieve.

Multicultural Marketing

Our team has deep Asian roots and vast experiences working with Asian-centric brands. Whether you are looking to break into the Asian market or establish yourself in the Western market, we will develop multi-cultural campaigns that will achieve your goals.


From building your brand image to content creation, we make sure your story is consistent and resonates at every consumer touchpoint.

Campaign Planning & Execution

From new store openings, product launches or brand exposure campaigns, we build a customized and strategic plan, design meaningful campaigns and execute flawlessly.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

We create optimized, high conversion Google ad campaigns that target the right audience for your brand.

Social Media Marketing

We create engaging Social Media content that resonates with your audience, creates a community and builds a connection with your brand.

Influencer Marketing

We work with Social Media influencers across all channels to develop campaigns that drive both organic and paid reach.

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